It's DOPE, what's next?

Unlocking the Reward Epoch
We've got a live DAPP where you can keep a close eye on your holdings and check if you're in line for those sweet rewards. The Epoch timer that will distribute the rewards to the wallets once the timer has completed. After the rewards were sent, the new epoch will start with new rewards.
  • Token Fee Rewards (Taxes)
  • ENS Sales Revenue
The data will provide a transparent and fair system to display the rewards generated by the taxes as well as the sales which will be used to directly pay out to holders.
There will be no minting of new supply or inflationary token rewards.
Eligibility + Leaderboard
We've crafted a unique system where bigger bags mean bigger rewards. Our top 25 ENS holders are in for an exciting ride, marked by competition for rewards and a surge in buy pressure, all driven by the ETH Reward pool. It's reminiscent of the early days of algorithmic stablecoins, but without the minted supply as rewards.
However, it's crucial to note that with each passing epoch, the reward potential draws nearer. Some may choose to sell their stash for 'x's, while others might quickly snap it up to access the ETH rewards upon each epoch release.
Top 25 ENS Holders will go on a Joint Adventure.
The rewards are fairly divided among the top ENS holders, so there's no need to fight tooth and nail for the very top spot. It's being in the upper ranks that matters, as that's where the rewards come rolling in. Here's a little twist: If you have a wallet with enough tokens to potentially occupy two top spots when split, it could be a strategic move in certain epochs. However, in doing so, you might leave the door open for someone to overtake you, especially if they plan their moves carefully. So, consider your strategy wisely.

Why just 25 wallets?

Well, it's all part of our grand strategy, crafted to amplify rewards for our players, swing traders, holders, yield farmers and even those yeeters. Everyone is welcome. We believe in quality over quantity, and our approach reflects that. But here's where it gets intriguing, We're dedicated to ensuring that the rewards are substantial and meaningful. We understand that players will play, yeeters will yeet, and that's all part of the fun.
It's crucial to highlight that regardless of how low the token price dips on a bad day or week, one genuine influencer or a strategic whale can light that stash, and we're back on that rocket ship to the moon again, and again.
Some of us like to compound, keeping those bags fat to stay at the top. But as our market cap grows and more $STONED holders join the party, we'll keep adding more spots for rewards.
  • 100k market cap = 24 holders
  • 420k market cap = 42 holders
  • 1 million market cap = 60 holders
This data might change, but our approach will always be about exponential rewards, fairness, and complete transparency.